The Onward March of Feminism into Traditionally Male-dominated Arenas

Traditionally, the stereotypical picture of a DIY-fuelled bank holiday is that of a over-worked male wearily working his way through a catalogue of home-improvement or repair tasks. However, new research challenges this idea, claiming 60 % of women are more probable to be carrying out residence enhancements than their spouses.

There are a variety of reasons for this escalating number of female DIY-ers. Firstly it would seem that 50 % of women assume they are actually much better at tasks around the home compared to their partners. This coupled with an ever-declining amount of males taking on Do-It-Yourself activities.

Other research in the United States has already concluded that the decrease in the number of males performing such activities is credited to fathers no longer passing down the necessary skills required and tech know-how now being regarded as more important than brute strength. A noteworthy factor is the current rise in female home ownership. Single women today represent more than one in five family units. But also the rise in power tool technology has obviated the need for the male-muscular physique. Today, female DIY-ers can rely on technology to achieve their goals and with the Internet readily supplying information on everything from the latest reviews on air compressors to how to build an outhouse, the playing field has been decidedly levelled when it comes to home-improvement know-how.